Shopping for carpet can be very confusing! At Alexander Lumber we will tell you exactly what you are getting and what is included in your carpet job. We price our jobs complete. Keep in mind that there is only one important number and that is the final price that you are paying. Since 1976 we have been a reputable carpet dealer/installer, and we take pride in pricing our carpets honestly and treating our customers fairly.

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Carpet Fiber Types

There are several different carpet fiber types that you should be aware of when buying carpet:

  • Triexta: This fiber is marketed under the Mohawk brand name "SmartStrand" carpet. SmartStrand has the same general chemical components as polyester, but its durability and resilience make it a suitable carpet for every room in the house. SmartStrand carpet fibers provide permanently engineered-in stain protection that will never wear or wash off and comes with a lifetime stain and soil warranty.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a petroleum-based synthetic fabric invented in the 1930's. Nylon is the tried and true carpet that many of us have grown up with. Today's nylon carpet is engineered to be more durable and resistant to abrasive wear and is the perfect carpet for any room.
  • Polyester (P.E.T.): P.E.T. carpet is environmentally friendly. This carpet is made from recycled products like plastic soda bottles. P.E.T. carpet is stain resistant, colorfast and feels incredibly soft. Polyester carpet offers a way to enjoy a soft, plush carpet at a very affordable price.
  • Olefin: Olefin c arpet is colorfast, stain resistant and low in static. It is soft and lightweight, won't fade and stands up to strong chemical cleaning agents.
  • Wool: It is natural, durable, luxurious, soft, water repellant, stain resistant and environmentally friendly. Wool is the most expensive carpet fiber on the market but is considered to be the best carpet available.

Other Carpet Buying Factors

  1. Carpet styles: Cut pile; loop pile or cut and loop
  2. Density and pile height
  3. Solution dyed or topically dyed
  4. The weight and height of your carpet cushion
  5. Remember that you are shopping not only for carpet but also for someone you can trust in your home to install that carpet. We use local installers for all of our carpet, flooring and window treatment installations.

What is the best carpet for you and your rooms? Stop in at Alexander Lumber and we can show you the newest carpet trends and colors. We can help you choose the carpet that best fits your needs and budget.

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